Jonathan Peacher

DjangoCon US 2023

Day 1

Orientation and Welcome

“I am going to say some words here I don’t fully understand” – @lacey

Contributing to Django or how I learned to stop worrying and just try to fix an ORM Bug

HTML-ivating your Django web app’s experience with HTMX, AlpineJS, and streaming HTML

SPA’s are popular because they can provide dynamic user experiences with no reloading. This comes at the cost of larger file sizes making pages take longer to load, and higher complexity making the codebase harder to maintain.

We can achieve the same dynamic experiences with tools like HTMX and AlpineJS, while also reducing load times and complexity.

✅ These tools provide the features an elevated user experiences (normally via SPAs):

✅ These tools provide faster pages loads by literally being small:

✅ These tools provide easy to maintain HTML attributes control behavior:

Lightning Talks - Day 1

Using database triggers to reliably track model history

django-pghistory tracks changes to your Django models using Postgres triggers, providing:

import pghistory

class TrackedModel(models.Model):
    int_field = models.IntegerField()
    text_field = models.TextField()

Beyond the Basics of Migrations

Custom Model Managers and QuerySets: Graduating from Django Beginner to ORM Master

Passkeys on Django

See django-passkeys.

Building Powerful APIs with Django, Django Rest Framework, and OpenAPI

Hosting and DevOps for Django

✨ Modern editing experience for your Django models with Wagtail 🐦

A typical Wagtail project would have your user-facing website structure be defined by the tree structure of the Page model. However, if you have an existing Django project with your own defined Django views, and you don’t want to use Wagtail’s Page model, you can still get plenty of benefits from Wagtail [by integrating the various model mixins into your existing models]!

Day 2

Postgres Performance: From Slow to Pro

Empathetic testing: Developing with compassion and humility

Lightning Talks - Day 2

Don’t Buy the “A.I.” Hype

“These models do not hallucinate. They make stuff up because a programmer using a random generation function decided they should…By saying they hallucinate, we are removing the responsibility of the programmer and the model trainer to be ethical.”

“[In] the most recent version of ChatGPT, in the release notes, one of the bullet points was: Less likely to make up facts…You cannot make up a fact. A fact is the truth. A fact is. You do not make up a fact. That sentence is an impossibility and shows the irresponsibility going on right now that they actually let that get out in the release notes.”

There’s More to Open Source than Code

Managing Content with Django

An approach to lightweight tenancy management using Django Rest Framework

What Django Deployment is Really About

Introduction to GitHub Actions: Understanding Key Terms and Building Your First GitHub Action

You configure a GitHub Actions workflow to be triggered when an event occurs that then runs a series of jobs on a runner that include one or more steps that call a script(s) or action

Day 3

Keynote: Testing Modern Web Apps Like a Champion

Django migrations, friend or foe? Optimize your Django migrations for faster testing

Inside Out: My Journey of Understanding Inclusion

Lightning Talks - Day 3

Best Practices for Making a Wagtail Site as Accessible as Possible

One database table, one model, many behaviours: Proxy model

Proxy models allows you to create a new model based on an existing model without creating a new database table, can be used to modify the behavior of the original model.

Back to the Future of Hypermedia in Django

Django’s accessibility track record

Panel Discussion: Who put me in charge? Moving beyond day-to-day coding in Django

“What’s important for you as a managers who is managing devs is to understand what they’re working on” – Julia

“I don’t know if it’s as much a skill [switching from contributor to manager] as it is like being genuinely interested in the people that work for you” – Elizabeth

“Sometimes…I can sort of see a pothole coming, you know, either a technical pothole or maybe a political one or maybe a legal one or a financial one, and say ok, there’s a pothole coming up” – Charles

“Your input is not just being able to directly say ‘ok this project might be a problem.’ It’s when you get other people to the point where they can see the project may be a problem.” – Charles

“You do lose a little bit of political sway [returning to an individual contributor].” – Andrew

“A good technical leader breaks a plan down to 3 month chunks.” – Andrew

“How do you identify some of those initial signals that you’re ready to take that step to [becoming a manager]?” – Jay

“It’s similar to the question: when are you ready to have children?” – Charles

“Being really good at documentation has always benefitted me in my career and particularly in management.” – Elizabeth

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