Jonathan Peacher

PyTexas 2023

Day 1

Keynote: Walking the Line

Amazing keynote, and I will definitely watch it again when it’s uploaded to YouTube!

A Tale of Two Typings

Trust Fall: Hidden Gems in MLFlow that Improve Model Credibility

The talk focused on machine learning, but I think this can still apply outside of that.

Exploring Socio-technical Security Concerns in Critical Open-source Python Repositories

A BuildEngineer in a buildless lang

Recursion for Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide to Recursion

Improving code without losing your mind

Lightning Talks

>>> import pip
>>> pip.main(["install", "django"])

Day 2

Keynote: Full-Stack Python

Unlocking the Power of Health Data: An Introduction to FHIR and Python

Having fun with application design

How to Build and Ship More Secure Python Apps with Sigstore

HoloViz: Visualization and Interactive Dashboards in Python

Put your Pants on and lint all your Python code!

Using Python for Digital Investigations

Lightning Talks

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