Jonathan Peacher

PyTexas 2024

Day 1

Keynote: The Design of Everyday APIs

Python Code vs Pythonic Code

ContainerCraft: Mastering Efficient Integration Testing

Anarchy to Order - Organizing Assorted Data with Python and LLMs

Lessons Learned Maintaining Open-Source Python Projects

Working with Audio in Python

Rest Easy with Jupyrest

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate!

Voice Computing with Python in Jupyter Notebooks

Lightning Talks

Day 2

Keynote: Thriving with Python

20 GOTO 10: How to Make Scrolling ASCII Art

There will always be new forms of art.

System Design on Easy Mode

Building Efficient Containers for Python Applications

Always Use Sets

Oh the (Methods) You Can (Make): By Dunder Seuss

Sanely Working With Legacy Code

Lightning Talks

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